We love landscapes in which nature and culture are beautifully combined. A remote beach with a few fishing boats, mule tracks along stone walls, old olive trees and river valleys full of oleanders: these are some of the images that spring to mind. If the influence of this beautiful nature can be found in the food, the wine, local traditions, architecture and hospitality, all ingredients of a good holiday are present.

Ilse Volkert, Joop Doesborgh, Peter Vallen and René Hoogedoorn select the houses in Andalusia, the Levant, the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands. They know these respective regions very well and chose them for La Taha because of their special combination of nature and culture. The houses selected are situated in the most beautiful locations and have been checked by them in person.

The name ´La Taha´ reflects the love they feel for the old Moorish culture. That same culture is still present and is an important part of the roots of all the beauty that can be found in these regions. ´Taha´, by the way, was the Moorish name for a collection of villages under the same administration.

Are you curious to see the country, its nature, the culture and the houses? You´ll find extensive descriptions and photos of the houses and the regions on our website. There is additional practical information for tenants, terms and conditions and options for car rentals, hotel rooms and flights. La Taha is a member of the Dutch Stichting Garantiefonds Reisgelden (nr. 2911) (Travel Compensation Fund Foundation).

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For questions and advice, we are reachable by phone and e-mail during office hours. Outside office hours, you can communicate seven days a week via e-mail us.

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