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Information for homeowners who might be interested to rent out their house through La Taha.

La Taha

We've been successful in renting out holiday homes in Spain for over 25 years. A large part of our customer base consists of clients that booked with us before or people who learned about us through family or friends. It's important to us to have a large group of satisfied clients. We value their appreciation and will do our utmost to maintain (and if and when possible, even raise) our high standards. After a stay at one of the houses on our books, customers usually send us an evaluation form with their opinion of the house, our services (e.g. the way we handled their booking), reception at the holiday destination etc. Their feedback helps us and the owners to better meet the clients' needs. Based on our clients' evaluations to this day, we've concluded that our customers appreciate our approach and selection of houses.


We don't charge a fee for placing a house on our website as we work on the basis of a commission per booking (no cure, no pay!).

Our services include

* Active and intensive promotion of your house on the international market (through internet/Google, newspapers).

* Handling the entire reservation/booking process; e.g. we ensure that the customer is invoiced in time, receives the voucher with all details and we answer all their questions.

* We are proud of our 7 days-a-week-service to house owners/managers as well as the clients. During office hours we can be reached by telephone and outside office hours by e-mail.

* Fast and correct completion of payments to the owner. We ensure payment to the owner is done in full before the client arrives.

Internet, convenience for customers and owners

Customers can check the availability of a house on our website and make a booking directly. We'll provide the owner with a password enabling him/her to log on to their booking page. This way owners can get all information on the bookings through La Taha regarding their property. You'll also be able to see the personal details of the clients (name, telephone number, d.o.b. etc.), to check the amount that we owe you for the booking and to check whether the rental amount has already been transferred by the client. At the same time you can enter special offers on your house, and manage the calender.


Prior to incorporating your house on our website, we always visit the house ourselves, so we can decide whether the house will meet the clients' and our requirements/standards. By visiting the house personally we're better able to present your house on our site and to give our clients sound advice. We also appreciate personal contact with the owner. In a first meeting we can discuss our work method, the right price for the house, contract matters etc. We can further make pictures of the house, or send our photographer at a later date. If you're interested to work with us, you can send us information about the house, preferably including photographs. (Please note that any pictures you may send us by e-mail aren't larger than approx. 200 kb per picture.)

Thank you - La Taha - Naomi Klaasse